Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mamman Beach on 19 April 2008

19th April was a bright morning. Our group was out in full force!
The plan was to paddle to Mamman Beach.

Five of us headed across the channel to Chek Jawa.

We saw a headless sea snake floating in the water around Pulau Sekudu. Seasnakes have paddle-like tails.

Passing Chek Jawa, we moved on to Mamman Beach.

Veit and his handmade Chesapeake kayak.

Ashdley made it into Mamman Beach

Viet allowed me to try his Chesapeake kayak!

It is a very very fast kayak! No one could keep up with me all the way back to Changi. KE tried it and also confirmed the speed!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Low Tide on 12 April 2008

KE's car tyres decided to give up on carrying his kayak everyweek. All four tyres were in bad shape and he was advised to change all of them!

So he couldn't make it to the beach to join us early.

Changi Creek at low tide. I was able to walk into the middle of the creek and have the water level at around my knees only. Saw a nice hermit crab in a beautiful shell swimming around. The men in the boat were cleaning the flower crabs that were caught.

Changi boey in the distance from Changi Beach. It marks the beginning of the channel. Sometimes herons and other sea birds will land on it. Haven't seen any eagles on it though.

A walk along Changi Beach while waiting for the rest revealed a few nice stuff. Found this crab moult. I'm not certain of the type of crab though.

Another Crab Moult. This one is that of a flower crab. It seems to have lost a front claw!

Finally we managed to set off in our kayaks and paddled towards Pulau Sekudu over the usual shortest route across the channel. There I saw this nice skeleton of a sea urchin. It did not seem to have been eaten by sea creatures - no unusual marks or holes that show that it was eaten.

I 've been to Pulau Sekudu many times before but this time the tide was so low, we could see the intertidal areas of the rocks. They were practically covered with green mussels this time. It's actually quite hearting to see so many green mussels. I understand that this is food for a lot of fauna at Chek Jawa.

Steven decided to try his hand at his new fishing net around Changi. We had left him earlier to cross to Pulau Sekudu. Upon hearing that K E had arrived, we headed back and met with Steven and Lim. My Pentax W20 which takes great pics decided that the battery was dead. All my batteries were fully charged the night before!. The dealer was very nice and changed the main board. But that will take 3 wks. Arrgh. I have to fall back on the Olympus mju 720 now. Both are waterproof but I prefer the W20.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Leisure kayak on 4 April 2008

It was a leisurely Saturday and only 3 of us were at the beach.

Ashdley in his red kayak. One of the beautiful herons flying around the kelongs and probably hunting fish and other marine creatures. Reminds me of KE and his Night Heron every so often. He's not with us this time.

Moving along we noted lots of green mussels growing on the ropes at various kelongs.

Found a flatworm on the sandy shore. It's the first time I can even spot a flatworm! So far I've only seen the nudibranchs at Pulau Semakau and that was shown to me by guides!

Ashdley practicing the paddle float recovery and pumping water out of his kayak.

Rocks that we passed by on the way to the Ubin Jetty. It was a nice formation. Never tried climbing them - maybe one day.

My Casio watch is solar powered! (Going Green lah!) It also has a tide graph which predicts the tide using the longitude and the lunitidal interval.

Lunitidal interval is the interval of time between the moment the moon passes above the point of the longitude and the moment when the high tide actually reaches that point. The interval varies due to various factors such as shape of shoreline and viscosity of the water body.

It was a leisurely paddle and we had lunch at the Ubin Jetty before heading back to the mainland.