Sunday, June 8, 2008

Changi Beach Low Tide on 5 June 2008

The school holidays are upon us - including me - who has to drive the kids to school every morning!
Turns out that the low tide during this month is from the wee early hours to around sunrise.
So I decided to head out to Changi Beach to view the landscape at 6am with my repaired Pentax W20 and a solar led torch.

Firstly there were lots of tiny sea stars in the sea grass area. One covered only the width of my two fingers. Most of them were upside down. I wonder why.
I put the one i picked up right side up and it went moving off with its 3 arms up in the air. Maybe it was trying to flip upside down again!

I spotted this pink warty sea cucumber. Sea Cucumbers seem to do nothing much when I spot them at low tide. Maybe they're sunbathing or moonbathing?
I really didn't know what this was at first. It was this yellow fist sized blob that was breathing and mostly did not move in the sea grass area. Well after some reseach at home, I found out it is a Geographic Sea Hare.
A pipe fish was stranded in the shallow waters during the low tide too.

I spotted a carpet sea anemone along the shore.

Well further on, I saw two Geographic Sea Hares side by side. Not sure why and I decided not to disturb them.

Another Sea Star that decided that the upside down position was a great way to start the morning!

There were lots of Peacock Sea Anemones around. It was nice to see some of them with the tentacles moving in the water. Some Phoronid worms located beside the Peacock Sea Anemone.

I learnt from the guides at Pulau Semakau that this is an egg collar of the Moon Snail.

Some Sea cucumbers that seem to litter the sand at Changi Beach. I understand that some are edible but I'm not sure about this one. Anyway, even the edible ones have toxic organs that must be treated before consumtion.

I decided to place two hermit crabs with another two and noted a new empty shell nearby too! Look at the sizes of the shells.

I think this is a peanut worm. It certainly looks like it.

More Sea Anemones along the sandy shore!

I came. I saw and I took the picture. BUT I STILL DON'T KNOW what this is! It has eyes and a mouth and some form of bloated body. I first thought it was a ball sea cucumber but I don't think the sea cucumber had eyes.

Upon seeing so many Flower Crab moults, I decided to lay them in aline to show the various sizes. Probably the various stages of growth.

With daylight, I decided to take a picture of another peacock sea anemone.

This Geographic Sea Hare seemed to be floating in the water and not doing anything. Was it dead?

I found a moult of the Horseshoe crab on the beach. This one seemed rather complete when overturned.

This was my first time seeing a live Sea Urchin. I noted that they were in season during this time of year. This one was black and small.

Before moving off, I had the chance to see a large turtle in the sea water. I moved around it and allowed it to move towards the sand for me to touch it and take the pic. My open palm could only cover about one eighth of the shell! I saw something like it in Changi Creek before from the bridge across the creek.

For a first timer, I must say this opens my eyes a lot wider! Wonder what I will find tomorrow morning!

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