Monday, November 5, 2012

Jellyfish Galore in the Swamp on 3 Nov 2012

I haven't been writing much cos of stuff but I am still paddling and the places have not really changed much.

The morning started off rather gloomy with overcast skies

We set off at Changi Beach

Before setting off we noted an unusual creature on the shore

We figured it would be a marine worm.

We placed it in the water and it swam around. This is a Beautiful Fireworm. If touched, the bristles would cause in a burning sensation and rash.

We also saw a pink warty sea cucmber on the beach.

While in the swamp we noted a number of large jellyfish and smaller jellyfish. This one was very co-operative and would stick close to the surface of the water.

Another large jellyfish.

On the way back noted a flower crab hitching a ride on a plank. I also saw a crab floating around the surface of the water and swimming with its hind paddle like legs.

The day was rather beautiful. It wasn't sunny and did threaten to rain throughout but didn't rain at all.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Playing around Ketam Channel on 28 Apr 2012

The morning started out raining but after a short prayer, we went out with the sun blazing down for the whole day.

From Changi to Ubin and on to Jones Reef at Ketam Channel.

Black Pearl. Lim practicing some skills here .

I found this Fan Clam and noted that it would open if left undisturbed and would close when disturbed.

A closeup of Jones Reef shows lots of crabs, barnacles and oysters.

Around Ubin.

Celebrations at Ubin

A rather hot and sunny day... And it cooled down around 5pm.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Black Naped Terns at Fairy Beacon on 7 Apr 2012

It was a hot sunny morning as we set off.

 From Changi to Fairy Beacon and to the floating restaurant before heading to Ubin Jetty for lunch and returning to Changi

Before setting off some of us decided to try the Carbon Fibre Greenland Paddle.

Fairy beacon which marks Batu Puteh. A couple of black naped terns were on the structure.

Black Naped Tern on a rock.

 Batu Puteh where the Black Naped Terns tend to congregate.

One Black Naped Tern heading in my direction.

 Steven caught a Silver Ribbonfish.

The trip to Ubin Jetty was hot with bright sunshine. However, the skies changed as we launched for the trip back. It was a windy and rough paddle all the way back to Changi.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"TreeTop" Paddle at High Tide on 10 Mar 2012

Started out a rather hot day.

 Clear waters at Changi today

 Concrete platform of sluice gates just under the water surface.

 Bypassing the sluice gates with the high tide.

 Sungei Mamman has a beautiful view.

Custard Apple at sungei mamman. Almost not seen in modern Singapore.

Soursop growing too.

Going back and noticing lots of white collared kingfishers.

It was a rather adventerous paddle at high tide with short cuts possible and new ways  explored.
A full day in the sun.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sunny day paddle to Noordin Beach

The sun was bright and high in the sky as we started off from Changi beach

 Lu paddling to Noordin Beach

 Grey Heron at Nanas Rocks

 Noordin Beach with lots of water and tea.

Saw a crab hiding in an oyster shell.

An eagle at Ubin

Crossing back to Changi.

The sun shone throughout the whole day as we enjoyed the paddle to the north of Ubin.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another viewing of the Airshow on 18 Feb 2012

It started out rather cool and I was in a rush and did not apply sunblock.

 Upon nearing Changi Beach Park, the planes started moving around...

 F15 SG

 Not part of the airshow but still was nice to take.

 Ashley getting ready as a plane approached.

 The hovercraft ready for any emergencies.

At low tide, we noticed a moon crab.

A short trip to view the entire airshow on the water and we were not disappointed.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Viewing the Airshow on the water on 11 Feb 2012

We were rather late in setting off but managed to catch the airshow still.

 Singapore Airshow 2011

 CAAS buoy. Must be used for airport requirements.

 After the airshow, resting in the waters of Ubin

 A barge carrying what looks like sulpher passes by. Bright yellow contrasting with the blue sky.

John on the skimitar.

Lu on a bandit.

The waters were rather rough today. We basically had little space for resting due to the high tide and the constant waves on the beach.